Cheeky! (2000)

Cheeky! (2000): "AKA Trasgredire
Directed by Tinto Brass
Starring Yuliya Mayarchuk, Leila Carli, Vittorio Attene
Rated R

I asked for Frivolous Lola and got Cheeky! instead. A fair substitution, I think, because what appealed to me in the Lola trailer was pretty much what I got in Cheeky!. Which can be summed up in one word: ass. If you are a fan of the nude female bottom, of rearview snatch shots, of loose morals and tight-assed women, this movie is for you. It’s the story of Carla (played with cheeky exuberance by Yuliya Mayarchuk), a hot young blonde visiting London while waiting for her boyfriend, Matteo, to join her after his exams. Carla is not overly fond of undergarments and likes to wear short skirts, which is convenient because everyone she comes in contact with (her lesbian real estate agent, the real estate agent’s husband, even the guy working in the photography shop (Brass in a Hitchcockian cameo) ), finds their fingers up her twat, preferably from behind. Poor girl. Matteo, the jealous type, finds some letters from an old beau of Carla’s, and his jealousy escalates until, unable to take it, he confronts her in London, blah blah blah. (It all works out, don’t worry.) In the behind the scenes extra with director Brass, he explains that “the ass is the mirror of the soul,” that we can lie with our faces but not with our bums, and while I find myself hesitant to agree wholeheartedly, I like what he’s done here.

There are some very creative ass shots, mostly involving mirrors, that bely a pretty sophisticated artistic sensibility for a softcore porn director. I was particularly impressed by the reverse strip-tease scene; watching someone get dressed has never been hotter. I promise that you’ll find yourself both turned on and amused by this film (often at the same time). There is even a message hidden (okay, not so hidden) in its clefts, I mean, depths.

Cheeky!, indeed…

- Holly Engel


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