April 27 Mya cover artwork and synopses

April 27 Mya cover artwork and synopses: "
Famous writer Sonia Petrova is killed after a night spent in a seedy motel with her lover. Her husband Peter is immediately taken in by the police and questioned. Ivan Zanova, the detective investigating Sonia's murder, is aware of the fact that both Peter and his wife had adulterous affairs. When a homeless guy confesses the murder, Zanova believes that this bad case is finally closed. But a few days later, Peter's mistress suffers Sonia's same fate by the hand of a mysterious killer, and Ivan understands that there is more than meets the eye in these two killings.

A heinous murder shakes Rome and its self-complacent upper class at its core. The beautiful daughter of a well known surgeon has been brutally slaughtered. No stone is left unturned to hunt down the killer, but the police investigations are focused mainly on the shady underbelly of the Roman jet set. Soon the truth rears its ugly head: the girl was the innocent victim of an atrocious white slave trade headed by a ruthless Dutchman. Yet he is only a puppet in the hands of a higher ranking puppeteer whose strings are attached to a lot of unpredictable characters.

An aging businessman marries a much younger woman but he just can't let go of his affair with his secretary. As soon as the young niece of his freshly married wife steps over the threshold of his house, the poor chap can't think of anything else but to bed her by all means. The fiendishly clever girl is very well aware of what the horny guy lusts after, and teases him by tiptoeing around in very short miniskirts which allow a very tasty view of her panties. Desperate and exhausted, the man comes up with a plan that involves a... butcher.

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